General Craft Classes for Teens & Adults

Craft Classes for Adults - Moss & Rope Tree

3rd Saturday, Monthly

In these craft classes, we are going to be doing a variety of general craft projects. Some projects may take a couple of classes to complete, but the projects will vary.

Let us know if you have any questions at all! You can also reach out to us on Facebook!

Upcoming Projects

  • January: TBA
  • February: TBA
  • March: TBA
  • April 20th: Rope & Moss Tree (includes original painting by local artist for the background)
  • May 18th: TBA
  • June 15th: TBA
  • July 20th: TBA
  • August 17th: TBA
  • September 21st: TBA
  • October 19th: TBA
  • November : TBA
  • December: TBA


3rd Saturday of each month (beginning April 20th)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The Artist’s Retreat
925-B W. Main Street
Collinsville, Oklahoma 74021

Benefits of Crafting

As with all creative pursuits, craft classes are a fantastic creative outlet. Through art, one can express themselves freely, and sometimes without realising it! Subconsciously, people express their inner thoughts and feelings through their artwork. Art is a also great way for them to reflect on and manage their emotions. The process of turning a thought into a tangible piece of art fosters confidence improves self-esteem. Moreover, creative pursuits are proven to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that crafting can be an uplifting experience. It can improve confidence, self-esteem, and reduce stress levels overall. People who suffer from stress, PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia and even chronic pain have noticed a reduction in symptoms simply by incorporating crafts into their lives.

Crafting creates a situation very similar to that of meditation. When engaged in crafting, people are focusing on only what is right in front of them. In those moments, time stands still. They are able to forget the stressors of the day and be part of something completely separate.

In addition, crafting stimulates the production of dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, that is responsible for pleasure and enjoyment.