NEW – Fiber Art Classes!

Beginning in September!

We’re excited to announce our new fiber art classes starting in September!

What exactly are fiber arts, you say? Well, let me tell you. Fiber art is art projects you create from the fleece of animals such as sheep, goats, camels, alpacas, and even wooly rabbits. The most commonly used animals for this type of art is sheep, but the hair or fur from any animal with lots to give can be used for fiber arts and there are a plethora of art projects you can make with it.

The wonderful thing about fiber arts is that the animals are not harmed in the process of gathering their fleece. In fact, these animals suffer greatly if their fleece is not shorn every year.

Needle Felting

We will begin our fiber art classes in September starting with needle felting. Needle felting requires the use of very sharp needles, so it is not really an appropriate art project for kids. Theses classes will be available for adults and teens ages 16 and up.

Book your space for the next Intro to Needle Felting class!

We hope you will join us for these unique art classes. We just know you will love them!