The “A Brush with Jazz” Festival here in Collinsville, OK is quickly approaching (Thursday, 9/21/23) and we will be hosting a “10×10 Silent Art Auction” from 6-8 pm during the event.

The purpose of this Silent Art Auction is to raise funds to help pay the tuition here for special needs groups and low-income families.

Participation is simple! Come by our studio between August 10th and September 7th to pick up a blank 10”x10” canvas. Then take it home and paint whatever you desire. Then bring your painting back to us by September 14th.

The opening bid for each painting will be $100 and if it doesn’t sell, you get to keep yours!

“A Brush with Jazz” will be an “enchanting evening filled with the sweet melodies of live jazz, a dazzling display of local artistic talent, and a delectable selection of food truck delights! Our Jazz & Art event is the perfect fusion of rhythm, creativity, and flavor, set against the charming backdrop of Collinsville’s Main Street.”

So come out and enjoy the Festival and while you’re here, you can help support local families! The City of Collinsville has this to say:

Can we count on you to help? Give us a call at (918) 335-8318 to find out how!