Have you seen those fun and colorful art murals around town on the electrical equipment boxes in downtown Collinsville, Oklahoma? Well, you may not know it, but our very own Valerie Unruh designed and painted the the original art for those! Valerie, the owner of our little art studio here in Collinsville is quite an accomplished artist and people noticed!

Several years ago, the City of Collinsville asked Valerie if she could dress up the big ugly metal boxes around town and she was happy to contribute to making our town beautiful!

Murals - The Artist's Retreat in Collinsville, OK

Bigfoot Prints employee installing the art wraps

After the original paintings were done, Michael Moreno, with Bigfoot Prints right here in Collinsville, put Valerie’s art on vinyl wraps and had them applied to the electrical equipment boxes! Turns out that those wraps are for more than just vehicles!

If you haven’t seen the art murals around town yet, you should take a drive out to downtown Collinsville, Oklahoma and see them for yourself! While you’re out here you can visit our studio and all the wonderful little shops down Main Street!

Custom Art Murals

Guess what? Valerie also does custom murals! You can have your very own work of art on a privacy fence, interior or exterior wall, or even for a vinyl wrap on your car. Just give us a call to discuss getting a custom art mural for yourself:  (918) 335-8318!

Valerie’s Art Murals