Succulent Parties at The Artist’s Retreat


Succulent Parties at The Artist's Retreat are so much fun! You get to pick out your plants and your planter to create your own custom succulent design while socializing with others. What's not to love?

Succulent Parties at The Artist’s Retreat2023-08-23T17:49:17-05:00

Fundraising Events at The Artist’s Retreat


Thinking about fundraising events? We know you're busy! Instead of spending endless hours planning fundraising events, let us handle the details for you! Here are some of the top reasons to have a fundraiser at

Fundraising Events at The Artist’s Retreat2023-08-31T16:40:22-05:00

Paint Parties for Adults


Paint parties for adults are a wonderful and fun group activity. Gather with your family, friends or co-workers for birthdays, team building, weddings or just for fun! “I enjoyed it so much (truly)! Please tell

Paint Parties for Adults2023-09-14T16:31:30-05:00


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